Program Descriptions

The Summer Educator Fellowship (SEF) provides an opportunity for teachers interested in developing authentic research-inspired educational modules, with a focus in biomedical health sciences. Teachers in this program will work closely with faculty at Texas A&M University in colleges/schools of: Medicine, Education and Human Development, Veterinary Medicine and Public Health, to develop science and health-related educational modules.

SEF (4 weeks total): 3 weeks, June 25-July 19 + 1 week, July 23-27 at K-12 Summer Institute.

The Research Education for Teachers (RET) program focuses on biomedical engineering and technology. Teachers in these programs will work closely with faculty at Texas A&M University in colleges/schools of Engineering including Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology to develop engineering and technology-based educational modules.

RET (6 weeks total): 3 weeks, June 25-July 19 + 1 week, July 23-27 at K-12 Summer Institute + two weeks spread across the rest of the year.

Program Timelines

  • The first week of both programs will be held on-site at Texas A&M University with paid housing + an additional $100.00 stipend for groceries (6/25/18 – 6/29/18).
  • There will be a July 4th break from Monday, July 2nd through Thursday, July 5th.
  • The two weeks following will be held at home schools in Mercedes, TX, and will focus on continuing module development through interactions with TAMU faculty (7/6/18 – 7/19/18).
  • The fourth week will consist of the 2018 K-12 Environmental Health Sciences Summer Institute held in Kerrville, TX (7/23/18 – 7/27/18).
  • Please see link for additional information
  • For teachers in the RET program, there will be an additional two weeks (following the Summer Institute) spread across the rest of the year for follow up on the lesson module development.

A stipend of $500/week (excluding SI week) will be provided to each participant in each of the programs i.e. a total of $1,500 for SEF, and $2,500 for RET.

Application Instructions

Please read all the instructions carefully. Teachers can choose to participate in either the SEF program or the RET program (not both).

The application deadline for both programs is March 16, 2018.

All sections of the application must be completed and received by the deadline date for the application to be considered. 

1) You will be asked to provide:

  • which program you are interested in (please check the box provided),
  • employment history,
  • courses taught, and
  • curriculum development experience (none is required).

2) You will be asked to upload (.doc/.docx or .pdf):

  • personal statementthat provides information about your background, educational philosophies, your efforts to enhance student achievement and goals for participating in the SEF or RET.

3) All the fields marked with a red star are required. If a field is not applicable, then please write N/A.

4) Please plan to have all your information ready before starting with the application. The application cannot be saved on this portal and will need to be completed and submitted in one sitting.


1. Personal Information

2. Education ( undergraduate and graduate)

Write the most recent first. If you are still pursuing a degree then write the most probable date when you will receive the degree.

3. Other Training and Development Courses 

Please provide details of any special training or relevant professional development to support your application. If not applicable then please write N/A.

4. Employment History (Tell us about your previous employments before your current job if any.)

If the fields are not applicable to you then fill them with N/A.

Job 1:

Job 2:

Job 3:

5. Please list the courses you have taught. Include the actual course name (not just number), the year, and the institution at which you taught the course.

6. What are your goals for participating in SEF?

7. Describe any previous experience with curriculum development? (Please give a brief description of the goals of each program listed, your role and achievements.)

8. Upload Personal Statement (Please upload the file in .pdf or .doc/docx format.)

The Personal Statement should address your background, educational philosophies, how you work to raise achievement for all students, positive aspects you see in current education system and the changes that you would like to make.

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