The SHARE Program provides training and mentoring to prepare motivated middle and high school students to serve as Health Ambassadors in their communities. The Program will recruit students through an application process and provide a small stipend to incentivize commitment to participation in each of the activities including an introductory field experience (FE), biweekly or monthly meetings throughout the school year, and participation in a school-based Community Health Expo in which the Health Ambassadors will assist in health screening and health educational intervention activities.


The Health Ambassadors will receive training through the instructional modules produced by the Summer Educator Fellows. Specifically, modules that address the most prevalent diseases within the community such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and asthma will be incorporated into the classroom curriculum, provided during the FE, and also used as preparatory training for the Community Health Expo.



During the Expo, trained Health Ambassadors will interact with members of the community under supervision by teachers, educators and Texas A&M University faculty members. They will share their knowledge through educational talks and presentations, and conduct basic health screening activities such as measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, lung volumes and BMI. The Expo can be conceptualized as a local field experience in which the students actualize their passion for health care through assisting in the delivery of educational interventions to their community


2017 SHARE Program

Health Ambassador Mentorship Meetings in Progress!!

Fall 2017 SHARE Program Schedule:

09/07/2017 SHARE Induction Ceremony and Orientation 
09/22/2017-09/23/2017 Kick-off Field Experience
10/03/2017 Mentorship Meeting: Obesity
10/17/2017 Mentorship Meeting: Obesity
11/07/2017 Mentorship Meeting: Diabetes
12/12/2017 Mentorship Meeting: Diabetes
01/16/2018 Mentorship Meeting: Communicating Health Information Effectively (Dr. Bugra)
01/27/2018 Mentorship Meeting: Diabetes and Obesity Messaging
02/13/2018 Mentorship Meeting: Cardiac Diseases
03/06/2018 Mentorship Meeting: Cardiac Diseases
03/27/2018 Mentorship Meeting: Physical Activity (Dr. Lightfoot)
04/24/2018 Mentorship Meeting: Asthma 
05/22/2018  Mentorship Meeting: Messaging Rehearsals, finalizing plans for Health Expo
06/09/2018 Health Expo